Nothing but Yourself

Last year I made this stool during lunch breaks and after school hours when my energy allowed. I wanted to make an object that could hold itself together without anything else but its own parts, no nails or glue. What was important to me as well was that the object at first did not seem stable but that it, once assembled by the person who was going to use it, could hold you, that you could put your entire weight on it and let it carry you.

Since I made this I have had another iteration in mind, a tweaked version. I hope I will be able to make it soon. It has been in my mind too long.

The three pieces cut out but not cut into their final shape.
Trying to see if they fit together.
Assembled. The most difficult part was to cut out the slots in the top part.
Excess material removed from the legs.
Stool finished.

This stool is a draft. This version of it is made out of chipboard, which is not very durable. The next step is to make it in another, more durable material.

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