Meet in the Tunnel of Light

I had an idea of two lamps meeting, interlocking into each other, creating their common intimate space. When standing alone the lamp would give a directional light with a sharper light image. When locked together by each of their’s soft, extendable plastic shades, the light would be twice as strong but dimmed.

Rough initial sketches.
Prototyping started.
Building the base of the lamp.
Base of one of the lamps.
Building the necks of the lamps.
Me a year ago prototyping in the middle of our move.
First prototype.
Prototypes iterated.
Kissing. 🙂
Going into Rhino to create a 3D-model out of my prototypes.
Figuring out how the outer shade locks into the inner shade.

Since I am a beginner at 3D-modelling it took a really long time for me to figure out how to build the base of the lamps. The shape had to lock into itself once duplicated, like two pieces in a puzzle.

Wire of the lamp.
The concave and convex shape of the lamp’s base had to be the same curvature to be able to fit together.
Keyshot rendering I did a year ago.

I find rendering in Keyshot9 difficult too. To me, the software is not intuitive and so it takes a lot of time to understand how to do simple things, like adding texture to a material.

One year later I went back into Rhino, adjusted and cleaned up the 3D-model. While doing this I noticed how I had improved, I have expanded my skillset in Rhino during the past year and I could see that I had build parts of the lamps in ways I would not do today. 🙂

3D-modeling in Rhino6 slightly tweaked.
Keyshot9 rendering.
Keyshot9 rendering to show detail and function.

I have spent the last two weeks working in Keyshot and Rhino on those lamps every single day. This is how good it gets. I know I have a lot to learn when it comes to both 3D-modeling and rendering, and building those skills takes time. I might get back to them in a year when I have put more time into improving my skill set. We’ll see. 🙂