House Renovation #9

In January work continued after the holidays. A bit slow at first but then the speed picked up.

I enjoy having people from different countries around (with social distance and a mask on of course), listening to them talking in their various languages, and learning something from each of their cultures. 🙂 In the summer we had people from Iraq, Lebanon, Tunisia, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland and Ecuador here at the same time. It was wonderful! 🙂 It makes me feel so at home for some reason. At times we get completely lost in translation and laugh at how confused one can be, but most of the time we understand each other regardless of the language barriers.

Floor laid to frame the fireplace.
Frame for fire place.
Vladimir and I carefully selecting stones for the fireplace platform.
In the evening the stone platform was done.
Painting station in the upstairs office space still.
Hallway wardrobe frame.
Hallway wardrobe frame painted.
Wardrobes in the bedroom downstairs.
Bookcase upstairs in the making.
Bookcase modules with space bars and upper and lower boards.
Painting station.
Kitchen modules without frames.
The mess.
And more mess.
Bedroom upstairs got a new desk and frames for wardrobe door.
Painting the desk and the inside of the wardrobe.
Fabian closing the wall in the hallway and building boxes around the important water pipes.
We redid the wall and door opening for underneath the stairs too. As with everything in this house, the wall was uneven.

We have a few things left to do in this first phase of the build that has taken almost a year now. Here we go:

First floor

  • fireplace
  • kitchen
  • bedroom wardrobes
  • skirting boards, wardrobe doors, door frames, etc

Second floor

  • office desk
  • bookcase
  • walk-in-closet
  • desks and wardrobes in all three bedrooms
  • skirting boards, wardrobe doors, door frames, etc

What is left, which will be the second phase of the build:

  • first-floor guest bathroom and laundry
  • second-floor master bathroom
  • entrance staircase
  • terrace facing the water
  • paint all window frames, space bars, and foundation red
  • outside lights
  • CCTV cameras

It is a bit overwhelming. “The last 20% of the work takes 80% of the time” they say and I think it can be true for builds as well.

Up Next:

Winter Weekends

Winter Weekends