House Renovation #6

In October all new windows and doors were installed. Though without spacebar since they needed to be painted white on the inside. The entrance got a tin sheet roof in red as well. On the inside, the opening between the outer entrance and the inner hallway was opened up and made bigger. The ceiling got the last element of insulation and could then be closed, meaning covered with wood boards and then plasterboards. So also the walls. Then the huge work of plastering and sanding all ceilings and walls began. The floor on the top floor was laid and covered with protective boards for the other work to proceed and not damage the floorboards. We converted our living room into a workspace and painted many skirting boards.

New front door and windows.

As we put in new windows in our bedroom and bathroom upstairs we took the old windows and moved them to the entrance. The same with the window above the entrance, which is the old kitchen window.

Old windows in new places. They will be painted red soon. The entrance got a red tin roof.
New tin roof and the builder’s tools.
Wider doorway between the entrance and the rest of the house.
We have taken many trips to the recycling and there are a few more to be done.
The ceiling with insulation fibers behind the plastic layer.
Walls sealed. Now plasterboards, plaster, sanding, more plaster, sanding, and then the first layer of paint. Looking forward to painting all the paint color samples I have. Under floor heating and new floor in place.
One of the bedrooms on the top floor of the house. Second final layer of the walls. New floor.
Painting skirting boards.
Painting skirting boards in the living room.
Painting skirting boards.
New floorboards sticking out. The staircase is up next to be refurbished and the walls around it to be redone and so remove the many weird lines and surfaces around it.
Bedroom floor done and covered to be protected from damage. Walls plastered and drying.
The load-bearing structure beams of the roof yet to be covered.
The Swedish lime stone arrived.
Messy living room space. Sofa, skirting boards, table for school work.
The new windows allowing light to find its way into the house in a whole new way.
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