Just Sip No Drip #4

These are the last iteration I have made on this project and problem solving attempt. The goal is to make a coffee cup that avoid drops from traveling down its sides and to have a grip that prevents you from burning yourself, and to make a milk jar that does not allow drops of milk to travel down its sides and so reach the surface it stands on and make a nasty circle there. 🙂

This time I used a more elastic and flexible white clay, and glazed it with a simple shiny light grey glaze. I dipped them once so that you can see the traces of how the tools have cut the clay. They are hand built (not made on a wheel), which made me proud that I could accomplish such thin clay.

For the muggs the collar work primarily as a grip. For the milk jar the collar collects the milk drops traveling down its sides after pouring.

Here you can see how the marks from when I have peeled off the clay from the inside to make the walls of the mugs thinner.

Here is the pocket that catches the milk drops.

The beautiful imperfection and unevenness of hand building. 🙂

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