Too Eager Not to Try

When the rest of the house was still a building site, but work paused for a month during the summer, we put in furniture. The living room and kitchen space were not done yet as you can see below. The reason why we did this was partly because we needed somewhere to live during the summer that had a proper kitchen even if much of it was temporary installments, and partly because we wanted to try out the space, feel the space, experience the space. From the floorboards under bare feet to the scent of nature when you open the terrace door and the golden sunlit evenings. Now we have moved out, living in our small guest house again, but I think the decisions we make moving forward will be from a place of better understanding of the house and what it needs.

As I have learnt this far, after two apartment renovations and half way through a house renovation, it is never a straight line and unexpected problems and solutions always come up (if you work with great people). The process is back and forth, it is messy and without the mess the end result would not be as good. The sought after discoveries are found in the experimentation.

We bought and Italian vintage couch 🙂

In the picture above you see half of the living room space without window sills nor skirting boards around the windows, along the floor or ceiling. And neither are the new and bigger windows on the right hand side in place. And there are no curtains either. And there is no beautiful carpet in candy colors, no living room table (I hope for one in beautiful stone) and no floor lamp overlooking the couch. You get the idea. It is not done yet.

Wooden plate from Tokyo.

This beautiful wooden plate needs a better place. It cannot sit on top of another wooden surface. There is no contrast or tension in that. It is not interesting, nothing happens. But I could not keep it in plastic wrap any longer. It needed to breath and show its beauty.

Every time I see this wooden plate I think back to last summer when we traveled to Japan among other countries. I remember the heat and the sweat, the beautiful ramen bowls and strolling around Tokyo at night. Japan has a special place in my heart. I spent time there at a young age and it has made its mark.

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