Just Sip No Drip #3

This project is about making the coffee moment free from messy table tops with coffee and milk circle marks as well as making drinking coffee as enjoyable as can be.

This version of the project made me realize that the problem with drops going down the side of the cups are different from drops going down the side of the milk jar. I had been seeing the problem from one angle when it needed two different perspectives. 🙂 I had been so focused on a coherent visual identity of the mugs and milk jar together as a small family that I did not see that they needed to be different from each other to work. It made so delighted to find out I was wrong! 😀

What I mean by different approaches is that the mugs need a grip that protects you from the heat of the drink. Spillage from the mugs happens mostly when pouring the drink, not while drinking. On the other hand, the milk jar needs something to prevent the post-pour drop of milk to travel down its front down to the surface it stands on and do so continuously with every pour. These are two very different problems that need to be met in different ways, which is why I will share another version of this project in the future, part four that is.

Black stoneware clay with light glaze.

For this iteration I tried a new approach for building technique. I made the pieces in two parts, a bottom platform and a sheet that I built into a cylinder, that I then worked together. As the clay began to set I hugged the mugs and the milk jar firmly, an exaggerated version of how I would grip them normally, to create dents as grip and a more organic shape.

Here you can clearly see how I have wiped off the glaze from the bottom platform as well as the top edge. I did this to create different surfaces, the shiny in contrast with the rough and grainy. In fact the clay I have used here is supposed to be used for sculptures rather than home ware, which is why it contains these grains.

Since I had gotten disappointed with my glaze dipping before I made sure to dip once and do so fast. I wanted the glaze to be thin so that you would still feel and see the structure of the clay and the tools used.

I wanted a good looking inside bottom of the mugs because that is the final visual of your morning coffee or fika moment. The striped bottom will make a pattern with the coffee residue.

Bottom platform with a pocket to collect milk drops that succeed to travel all the way down.
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