Second Apartment Renovation

All pictures are from the different real estate agents.


Livingroom before and after.

Sadly the pictures don’t do the paint color justice. The beige grey kind of color took a long time to find. We redid the walls twice since we first chose colors in a much too dark value and it made the rooms feel smaller and not as welcoming as we thought it could. 🙂 The wall paint color and the skirting board color made such a good couple in the end.

Wall paint color NCS S1002-Y.
Skirting board color NCS S2000-N.

And I still wonder why there is not a company making fabrics that you can order in a NCS of choice or at least a decent number of them. 😉

Livingroom before and after.

We redid the floor twice since we weren’t satisfied with the result the first time around. The first try we decided to make the floor lighter in color adding white pigment to the hard wax oil finish. There was nothing wrong with the result or the execution. We just thought it took away character in the floor panels.


Kitchen before and after.

We redid the floor in the kitchen and made a frame that continues all around it, just as it would have been done if it had been made in the first place.

Kitchen walls NCS S2010-Y90R.

Kitchen details.
Kitchen details and a ceramic piece I have made.

Limestones are a piece of art in themselves but oh so fragile. You need to be very gentle and not leave anything resting on them not even for a minute. Otherwise marks will appear.


Bedroom before and after.

We redid the wall paint in the bedroom too. Prior to this dusty light green we had chosen a deep forest green, which made the room very cozy but not elegant in the way we wanted. We had also painted the skirting boards and window frames in the same dark grey as the wardrobes (picture below) and so we redid them as well.

I have gone through my documents but cannot find the NCS for the bedroom wall paint color, but I believe it is S1002-G30Y.

Bedroom before and after.

We decided to make a new wall to make the wardrobe segment be and feel permanent. We redid the floor around the wardrobe, made a frame around it just as it would have been done if it was there from the very start.

Wardrobe paint color NCS S5500-N.
Skirting boards and door paint color NCS S2000-N.


Hallway before and after.

Before the door into the apartment was in a burgundy color, which constantly reminded you about stairwell. It also prevented the hallway to become its own space. Once we painted the door the same paint color as the skirting boards it calmed down the hallway and the entire apartment felt much more safe.

Without picture it doesn’t say much but the hallway wardrobe we made in a soft red color, NCS S2020-Y70R.

Other details:

Bookshelves and walk in closet in peach.

I had an idea of a peach colored walk-in-closet and it took many paint color samples to get there.

Walk-in-closet paint color NCS S1010-Y50R.
Wardrobe paint color NCS S5500-N.


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