Spoon “No Touching”

In school we had a two week project on norm criticism. The first week we were introduced to our different senses and, for example, how much we rely on sight and how sight is prioritized in our every day to day lives. People designing the world we live in don’t take all kind of people into consideration in the same way.

This project’s staring point was an haptic approach to our different senses and how to design considering all aspects of what we can perceive with this one sense. I got ‘mouth’.

Prototyping with both silicon and clay grip.
To reach better I made an extended version.

We use a spoon to feed ourselves and/or others. The thought to use the mouth itself to do so suddenly came to me, made me smile and the feeling “I have to Do this!”. 🙂 And some people do not have arms and they need to feed their babies too. Then the mouth become an extension of the spoon and so part of the spoon itself. This makes the body more engaged in the gesture.

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