Soap Dish pt. 2

Below are two more soap dishes I made for the art and design school application in Spring 2019.

The problem with hard soap is that water makes it mushy and in that climate bacterial grows. Also, the change in consistency makes the soap run out more quickly.

I made this soap crane to make the soap dry efficiently in between uses and so that the leftover water drips down into the sink after use. As the soap is at the same height as your hands when in the running water the time the water is running down the drain not being used is decreased.

This is a soap hammock. 🙂

The idea is that the cotton thread and the surrounding air will help dry the soap in between uses.

The loop and the knot can be tied together so that you can turn the hammock into a body scrubbing patch and use the soap scraps to clean your body. This too extends the life span of the soap.

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